Mares at our Dysart Farm

Maple Hollows Montes Zippity Do


2016 Bay Appaloosa Filly 33"

Sire:  Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo (HOF)

Dam:  Jandts Wanna Pimples 

Grand Champion Halter Mare 

Multi Res Grand Champion Halter Mare

Maple Hollows Montes Black Gold


2013 Black Mare 32"

Sire:  Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo (HOF)

Dam:  Maple Hollows Diamond Gal/Lakeviews Diamond Gal 

2015 National Top Ten 2yr Old Mare 31"&Under 

2015 All Star Top Ten Mare Owned Bred and Shown Under  

2016 National Top Ten (3rd) in Futurity Pleasure under
2016 National Top Ten (9th) in open halter Sr mares 30-32
National Top Ten (8th) in open pleasure 30-32
National Top Ten (3rd) in open roadster 32 and under
National Top Ten (7th) in Roadster stakes 32 and in under 

Multi Grand Champion Halter Mare 

Maple Hollows Blue Lite Special


2008 Sorrel Mare 34"

Sire:  A Stable Business Blue Lite Special 

Dam:  Ramakers Hallies Angel

Producer of Res National Champion and multi National Top Tens

Maple Hollows Black Pearl


2004 Black Mare 32"

Sire:  Crazy Horses Mitey Chief

Dam:  LBFs Gorgeous 

Nice all around type mare, trained in jumper/hunter, halter, showmanship, and obstacle

Maple Hollows Diamond Gal/ Lakeviews Diamond Gal


2008 Red Dun Mare 33"

Sire:  Pines Prince Bubba

Dam: Tjeerdsmas   L&M Maybe    

Multi National Top Three and Top Ten Producer

Was shown as a Jr mare herself and placed very well with limited showing

Maple Hollows Apaches Belle/ Knutson Apaches Preshush Belle


2003 Palomino Pinto Mare 34"

Sire:  Lucky Apache Super Charger

Dam:  Frostys Misdee Press Shush

Maple Hollows Rems Sophistication


2015 Buckskin Appaloosa Mare 34"

Sire:  Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Dam:  Jandts Wanna Pimples 

Multi Res Grand Champion

Maple Hollows Rems Dream Girl


2015 Palomino Mare 31"

Sire:  Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Dam:  Jandts Precious Chickadee 

Res Grand Champion Halter Mare

2017 World Top Five Halter Mare 

2017 National Top Ten Halter Mare

Maple Hollows Rems Sheza Golddigger


2015 Palomino Mare 33"

Sire:  Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Dam:  Maple Hollows Blue Lite Special 

National Top Ten Stallion Sweepstakes Under

Maple Hollows Phlash of Fireworks


2008 Black Pinto Mare 30.25"

Sire:  WCR Pharoahs Phlash Dance

Dam:  Summer Hill Preludes Princess  

Maple Hollows Extravaganza


2009 Black Pinto Mare 29"

Sire:  Maple Hollows Sir Spot 

Dam:  Fallen Ash Scouts Blackeyed Susan

Multi Grand Champion Halter Mare

Maple Hollows Electric Sensation


2013 Sorrel Mare 32"

When I had the chance to buy this gorgeous young mare back I didnt hesitate.  Cant wait to see what she does for our breeding program!

Freedom Hill Farms Fem Faytel


2007 Buckskin Pinto Mare 32"

Sire:  Baysides Ghost Dancer

Dam:  NXS Phantom Fem Fa Tel

GMR Fooler Fooled Angie (HOF)


2009 Chestnut Mare 34"

Sire:  Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled

Dam:  Kahoka Sorrel Angie 

National Top Ten Halter Mare 

Hartins Classic Pride (HOF)


1997 Chestnut Pintaloosa Mare 33.5"

Sire:  Brewers Classic Eclipse

Dam:  Oak Brooke Farms Prize

Im happy to welcome this incredible mare to our herd!  She is a superior dam and the sweetest mare to have around!

Ericas CrossCountry BigCity Blitz


2010 Bay Pinto Mare 32"

Sire:  Little Kings Big City Buck

Dam:  Cross Country Miss Amy

Multi Grand Champion Halter Mare 

Jandts Precious Chickadee


2002 Black Appaloosa Mare 32"

Sire:  Jandts Precious Pimples

Dam:  Jandts Pom Pom Chickadee 

Producer of World Top Five and National Top Ten Halter Horse

Jandts Wanna Pimples


2001 Bay Appaloosa Mare 34"

Sire:  Jandts Precious Pimples 

Dam:  Jandts Do Wan Na 

Jandts Flicka Dear


1999 Bay Mare 32"

Sire:  Jandts Little Determine

Dam:  Jandts Color Patches

Producer of Multi Grand Champion Halter Horse

Mars Rosebud


1999 Chestnut Appaloosa Mare 32.75"

Sire:  Jandts Chianti Minnesota Dots 

Dam:  ARC Rosalee

Maple Hollows Bring On The Rain


2013 Chestnut Appaloosa Mare 34"

Sire:  Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo (HOF)

Dam:  Maple Hollows Bodacious Babe

EJH Shades of Silk


2007 Silver Buckskin Pinto Mare 32"

Sire:  Little Kings DD Buck Duke 

Dam:  Little Kings Miss Molly 

Jandts Color Patches


1995 Sorrel Pinto Mare 32"

Sire:  Jandts Our Champion

Dam:  Jandts Fan Tail

Maple Hollows Warrior Princess

Pending in AMHA/AMHR

2017 Bay Appaloosa Filly 

Maple Hollows Wings of an Angel

Pending in AMHA/AMHR 

2017 Black Appaloosa Filly

Maple Hollows Simply Glamorous

Pending in AMHA/AMHR 

2017 Black Appaloosa Filly 

Maple Hollows Shez in Demand


2017 Silver Buckskin Pinto Filly

Sire:  Hartins Toy Commander (HOF)

Dam:  Maple Hollows Apaches Belle/Knutson Apaches Preshush Belle

Maple Hollows Set Fire To The Rain

AMHA/AMHR pending

2018 Red Appy Filly

Sire:   CCMF Clouds Cavalier 

Dam:  Maple Hollows Bring On The Rain 

Maple Hollows Going For Gold


2017 Palomino Appaloosa Filly

Sire:  Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Dam:  Mars Rosebud 

Maple Hollows Rems Vanilla Sky


2018 Palomino Pinto Filly 

Sire:  Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Dam:  Maple Hollows Bodacious Babe

Maple Hollows Magically Delicious


2012 Buckskin Pinto Mare 

Sire:  Arions Destinys Magic Trick 

Dam:  Maple Hollows Blue Lite Special

Full sister to Reserve National Champion, Maple Hollows Magics Hocus Pocus.