2018 Foals Coming Soon-Dysart Farm

Establo Dressed For Success x Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Freedom Hill Farms Fem Faytel x Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo (HOF)

Ericas CrossCountry BigCity Blitz x Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Maple Hollows Montes Red Bird x Little Kings Remminton (HOF)

Jandts Wanna Pimples x Arions Playboy Destiny

Mars Rosebud x Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

GMR Fooler Fooled Angie (HOF) x Arions Playboy Destiny

Jandts Precious Chickadee x Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo (HOF)

Maple Hollows Diamond Gal x Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo (HOF)

Maple Hollows Extravaganza x Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

2018 Foals are arriving!!!

Maple Hollows Rems...

This stunning Palomino Splash colt was born 3/28/18.  He will be AMHR registered and should mature around 37-38".  He is a 3/4 Shetland blend.  

Sire:  Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Dam:  Establo Dressed For Success

Maple Hollows Rems...

Extra and Remmy did it again with another knockout buckskin pinto filly!  She was born 3/28/18 and should mature around 30".  Very refined and correct with a gorgeous head!

Will be AMHA and AMHR 

Sire:  Little Kings Remmington (HOF)

Dam:  Maple Hollows Extravaganza

Maple Hollows....

This pretty little bay filly arrived on 3/31/18.  She is super showy and should stay 32" or under.  

Will be AMHA and AMHR 

Sire:  Arions Playboy Destiny 

Dam:  Jandts Wanna Pimples 

Maple Hollows Montes...

This really unique buckskin minimal pintaloosa filly was born on 4/8/18.  She is really leggy and refined!  

Will be AMHA and AMHR 

SIre:  Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo (HOF)

Dam:  Freedom Hill Farms Fem Faytel